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Our glass block production line takes the leading position because of its advanced instrument of automatic control system & gas regulator system. The two systems can guarantee the automatic temperature control of big furnace. Rely on advanced equipment and technology management; we can produce excellent quality glass blocks.
We are engaged in micro-glass fiber almost 30 years. The precious industry experiences can ensure Hua Yang fiber’s excellent & steady performances. With experienced process management and continual innovation, our micro-glass fiber received a good reputation in Chinese market. As the star product of Hua Yang industrial co., LTD., micro-glass fiber has accumulated rich production experience and skilled production skills after years of practice and innovation, which can meet the different requirements of users.
AGM separator is one of the main components of lead-acid battery, with the advantages of high acid absorption value, small resistance, small aperture, high porosity, high tensile strength, good chemical stability. With the rapid expansion of the application range of lead-acid battery, such as electronic communication, computer emergency power supply, train lighting and signals, electric bicycles, motorcycles and toys and other fields.
•Have good mechanical strength, prevent clapboard punctured; •Have good heat-resistant ability; •Good bendability; •Have good pressure maintaining in wet state, guarantee to keep the compression state when battery is using. •Suitable for star-stop type and winding type lead-acid batteries.
With basalt as the main raw material, the inorganic fiberboard processed by high temperature melting is a new type of heat preservation, flame insulation and sound absorption material. The artificial inorganic fiber processed by high temperature melting and melting of rock wool board has the characteristics of lightweight, small thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non-combustion.
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