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Shandong Province Shenxian  HuaYang Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1992,  is an international high-tech enterprise, integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. After years of development, Huayang industry has more  than 1000 employees, 20% of them are technical personnel. Annual production capacity of AGM is up to 8,000 tons; an annual  output of  glass blocks  is more  than 10,000 tons, for  micro-glass fiber the annual output is up to 20,000 tons. 

Industrial chain,  good AGM; Good AGM, Hua Yang  made. Since 1992,  through the efforts of two generations of Hua Yang people,  we have created a proud AGM industry chain. Hua Yang industry is the main drafting member of 2018 AGM partition standard and national standard for lead-acid battery.  As a high-tech enterprise, Hua Yang has advanced production and testing equipment,   advanced physical and chemical laboratories, high level production technology  and strict quality assurance system. Hua Yang has passed ISO9001: 2008  international quality system  certification and other international certification.


Hua Yang AGM series products cover 60% of the domestic market and sell well in more than 20 countries and regions.  In 2018, AMARA RAJA (JCI) rated Hua Yang as “the most valuable supplier ”. In the same year,  Hua Yang start-stop type separator was approved by GLOBAL group of South Korea,  which provides products for Mercedes-Benzes, BMW, Volkswagen  and other  world-renowned automobile brands.

Hua Yang is determined to become a creative enterprise with sustainable development. Adhering to the Hua Yang culture & values, all Hua Yang people believe in the future and strive for it.

New energy is an industry that runs together with the world in the future. It is also the biggest golden opportunity for China to transform its manufacturing industry. At this time, Hua Yang industry is willing to work with you to create a better future.